Meet the team

Landon Rhodes

Founder & CEO

Landon started Grindstone on the floor of his apartment in 2018. He wanted to find a way to help companies promote their products and services beyond the traditional door-to-door sales model. He also wanted to take the work ethic he developed on his family farm near Exeter, Nebraska and grow his own successful business. 

To keep himself sharp, Landon listens to podcasts and reads books focused on entrepreneurship and personal development. He even hosts his own podcast called Spark to Fire where he interviews other successful business leaders. He’s a firm believer in the mantra ‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” and applies that mentality to everything he does. 

Fun fact: Landon’s impressions are impeccable. Ask him to do anyone and he won’t disappoint.

Andrea Norris

Creative Director

Andrea prefers wine in bottles because she thinks outside of the box. With over 9 years in the Social Media Marketing game working within almost every industry, her diverse experience has brought an invaluable view to all projects. Holding a high standard to the content our team produces, Andrea takes pride in all of our creative work together as a whole. Wanted to accept payment in the form of Chipotle burritos, unfortunately, Grindstone said no. 

Fun fact: Has seen every episode of “The Office,” at least 10x. Will randomly quote it in conversation. 

Jacob Schlick

Cheif Editor | IT Manager

Jacob is your all-around problem solver – video editing, podcast producing, IT, and everything in-between! From growing up on the farm he gained the knowledge and work ethic to make sure everything around him is operational while also producing videos that speak for your brand.

Fun fact: Jacob built his own computer and uses it every day in the office – he named it Vader.

Jenna Rhodes

Business Development Manager

Jenna graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2011 with degrees in History and Spanish. She brings nine years of marketing experience to the table from her time at Stanley Black and Decker. As the Business Development Manager, Jenna works with prospective clients to determine how Grindstone can best serve them. Passionate about the details, Jenna is committed that Grindstone delivers the best quality work for each client, no matter the project scope.

Fun fact: Jenna lived in Costa Rica for six months to study Spanish.

JT Martin

Podcast Director & Host of Nebraska Made

JT Martin is a 5th generation Nebraskan who spent the majority of his life in the San Francisco bay area. He worked for venture-backed media and advertising firms in San Francisco and New York City for the past 8 years before joining the Grindstone team in 2020 to host the Nebraska Made podcast and grow the Grindstone podcast network.

Fun fact: JT is an avid joggler (juggling + jogging)! 

Tristen Metcalf

Social Media Manager

Tristen is a proud graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where she double majored in Marketing and Management. She has 3 years of social media strategy and content experience and she dabbles in photography and graphic design. Tristen has a passion for the analytics behind digital marketing and uses that to help clients continually grow.

Fun fact: If you caught the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you might have seen Tristen performing.

AJ Cruz

Executive Producer

Dealing in good feelings is what he knows, and working with people is what he loves. AJ has been working in the filmmaking industry for 2.5 years and has found a way to intertwine his love for people and cameras to create lasting impressions on our clients.

Fun fact: Despite what fellow mortals may think, AJ is a warlock and can breathe fire and is trained in the art of healing…kind of. Ask him about it.

Kyle Andersen

Lead Videographer

Kyle is a self-taught visual artist, specializing in video and photo. Kyle has over 4 years of experience that includes producing music videos, building television commercial sets, and filming weddings.

Fun fact: The team calls Kyle “Gut Guy” around the office due to his extensive knowledge about nutrition and gut health.

Sam Trocki

Social Media Coordinator

Sam has a passion for contributing to the growth of a business and building connections by developing savvy strategies and compelling content for social media campaigns. Her creative mind and constant curiosity help her think outside the box and bring any vision to life. Sam found her calling through extensive experience in Account Management and earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She finds joy in the little things, and can usually be found outside tending to her garden or exploring a new hiking trail.

Fun fact: Sam attended Tony Robbins first-ever Virtual Unleash the Power Within event and is excited to be a future fire walker at the next in-person event!

Patrick McCarthy

Video Editor

Patrick’s career in visual mediums started over a decade ago with a cable access sketch show called “Nerds with Birds” in Lincoln, Nebraska. What started as a high school passion-project has turned into a full-time career. Patrick is a full-time video editor at Grindstone Media. Patrick finds inspiration in nature and the work of film directors like Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick. When he’s not working on perfecting his video editing or finding creative ways to shoot, he loves to spend time writing music.

Fun fact: Patrick once owned a hot air balloon and was learning to fly.

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