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Before we connect with you, we like to do our research. We collect information from a variety of sources about your specific industry, audience, and most importantly, your competition. We dissect your web and social media presence to find the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Through in-person visits and zoom calls, our Social Managers will spend time with your team to identify the best ways to showcase your unique business offerings. We value your employees’ input, as they understand the business on a much deeper level.


Our Social Strategists combine their preliminary research with feedback from your team to create and curate unique pieces of socially relevant content. We take the time to reverse-engineer the interests and cultural nuances of your ideal customer to ensure that each piece of content resonates with your audience. 



Once the video, image, or graphic has been created, we will write a caption to accompany the post. We understand the importance of writing copy that speaks your customers’ language so we actively seek ways to immerse ourselves in your industry and brand regularly to create relevant, shareable content.


We give you full control over what gets published for your brand. We don’t publish anything without your approval. Our online platform allows you to quickly communicate with our team so we can make any necessary changes before we publish.


Once we receive your approval through our platform, we’ll post each formatted piece of content directly to your social media channels. 


You will receive a monthly analytics report to show you how your content is performing.  Armed with this data, we’re able to see which pieces of content your audience finds interesting and build more content like that. This reporting structure also provides a qualitative look at the return on your monthly investment. 

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