Our Process

Our team of talented camera operators and master storytellers work together to craft visuals in a way that resonate with your ideal customers and drives real business results.


  • Understand your vision for the project
  • Define your target audience
  • Brainstorm video concepts and interview questions
  • Present video concepts
  • Receive your approval or revisions
  • Make revisions
  • Schedule production dates & scout locations


  • Prepare production set
  • Coach interviewee(s)
  • Conduct interviews
  • Film secondary footage (B-Roll)


  • Back up your footage to the cloud
  • Craft the storyline
  • Define the look, sound, and feel of the video
  • Add licensed music
  • Add animated title cards to introduce interviewee(s)
  • Finalize the first draft of video(s)
  • Submit Version 1.0 of video(s) for approval


  • Submit Version 1.0 of the video for revision/approval
  • Receive and make suggested edits
  • Submit Version 2.0
  • Receive and make final edits
  • Deliver Version 3.0 [ Final Cut ]

Our Work

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