Our Work

Our Process

Our team of talented camera operators and master storytellers work together to craft visuals in a way that resonate with your ideal customers and drives real business results.


We identify the objective of each video, the intended audience, and the creative to drive our outcomes.


Once all footage has been recorded, we’ll make initial cuts, color correct, master audio, add approved music, insert lower thirds, and finally submit the rough cuts for approval.


After we have your final approval, we’ll deliver your video through a high-quality service so no one has to worry about that missing flash drive. 😉


This is where our team of camera operators, lighting techs and sound engineers do what they do best- Film awesome video content.



Not exactly what you envisioned? No worries. You’ll have two opportunities to request post-production edits for free.


Listen & Learn

Continuous Improvement is one of our core values. We’ll actively reach out to seek your honest feedback on your experience with the Grindstone team.

Ready to make your vision a reality?

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