Here at Grindstone, we don’t half-ass any of our accounts. We believe in full-assing everything we do. We want to help businesses and personal brands who are running socials in-house. Here are just a few of the hacks we use on our Instagram accounts to make them organically see more engagement just by being mindful in the way we post.

1. Content | We often see brands throw a post up just to have content on their page without it bringing any value to the person consuming the content. When coming up with the right content for your Instagram, get in the mindset of your audience. Ask yourself, what value am I providing with this post? Is it speaking the language of my brand? Is it shareable? Is it visually stimulating? Always remember to educate, entertain or impact your audience. Make sure your post image has a clear message that coincides with the Copy.

2. Copy | Once you have your awesome image prepared, you want to really spark interest with energizing copy that communicates a clear message. Don’t be afraid to show humor, personality, tell a short story or even add in a few emoji’s to grab the reader’s attention.

3. Formatting | You want your content to be able to stand alone and make sense but also be seen on your Instagram Grid and correspond with your previous content posted. If you are using an image or video wider than the standard 1080 x 1080 and have verbiage on the image or video, make sure that your verbiage is centered in the 1080 x 1080 space. This helps translate your message on your Grid when someone views your profile.

4. Video | When uploading video to Instagram, you have two options; regular post formatting, or IGTV. Instagram automatically prompts you to post to IGTV when a video is longer than 60 seconds. Keep in mind that when publishing an IGTV you need to have it formatted correctly (1080 x 1920). If your video is not formatted to the IGTV standard you can split it up into 59 second increments and publish a carousel in the same post.

5. Tags | A lot of content publishers overlook this feature. If there is a specific location, make sure to tag it. If not, tag the city or state that you are in. This will feature your post in discovery in that location. Don’t forget to tag any brands or people featured in your image or video. It also helps to tag relevant accounts you want to see your content. Example: If you have a restaurant, go ahead and tag some local foodies in your area.

6. Hashtags | When using hashtags, use them strategically! Think about what day it is, what your location is, what is in your post, and trending topics. If you are struggling on whats relevant to gain your audience attention you can even google what hashtags will work best for the topic of your post. 8-10 relevant hashtags format great in post caption, if you decide to use more and don’t want to clutter your caption you can always post your hashtags in a comment on the same post.

7. Stories | Utilize your stories to show off your brand’s personality and engage with your fans. There are many options on Instagram to engage; create a poll, quiz or countdown, ask an open ended question or post a gif! Utilize this to show off live events and or happenings in office, store, restaurant, etc. When people tag your account in content repost it! Don’t forget to include your tags and hashtags to get your story featured in discovery.

8. Engagement | There are a lot of agencies that use a publishing platform but don’t take the time to go into the account on a mobile device and interact with their fans. To get great engagement, you have to give engagement. Make sure you are always reacting to comments on your post. Go through your feed, Like and comment at least 10 posts a day. Check out discovery or follow hashtags that are relevant to your brand and follow, comment and Like!

Now that you have your Instagram hacks for engagement, go crush it!

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