Hey there. We’re glad you found us! Grindstone Media is a digital marketing agency based in Lincoln, Neb. founded in 2017. Our mission is to sharpen (get it?) your online presence by telling your brand’s story in a creative and compelling way. Inspired by our small-town background, we work hard to foster a strong community that will support your business in the short term and build brand equity that lasts for generations.

We’re strong believers in the notion of constant and never-ending improvement. We pride ourselves on the ability to accept construction criticism and over-deliver on promises we make to our clients. Simply put, we won’t quit until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the work your receive. We’ll build a lasting partnership and help each other be more victorious.      


We believe that the best way to speak to your audience is through video. Visually seeing and hearing who and what your company is will help your customers engage with your brand. We have a team of experts to tell your story in a fascinating and exciting way. We produce content to showcase employee personnel, document current projects, highlight events and company culture.


We’re here to communicate your brand’s voice like it’s 2019. Through extensive research we can: Identify your ideal customer, create engaging content and post it on the right digital platform. After we post, we analyze every piece of content using metrics to make informed choices. Interested in paid media? We’ll help you get the best bang for your buck and your message will grab the attention of new customers. From the startup phases, to day-to-day postings and overall strategy, we’re here to create engaging content to connect you with your audience. 


If a customer can’t easily navigate your website say goodbye to them being a customer. We’re here to make sure your website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, creatively cohesive and much more. We work in a serious of phases to build your dream web page and make sure those coming to your website will stay and explore to see what your company is all about. We build all websites to be mobile-  friendly making less friction to potential customers. Click here or here to see  previous projects. 


Every successful company starts with building a strong internal brand. We can help bring your brand to life by determining the brands identity, creating a voice for your brand, developing a logo and much more so your customers can easily distinguish you from competitors. Building a solid brand within first will help you get those sales, gain new clients and everything in between. 


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